Tuesday, 29 July 2014

managing a basic lifeskill

today,had gone to the cinema to see the purge;anarchy, awesome film woud recommend any thriller fans to see it.

but had also done something meaningful and something am pretty damn proud of,most people wont see it as a big goal but then it has to be remembered we are on different levels.
-staff made a roast dinner for mum and dad today and self/em had cut the potatoes before being put in to the pan to boil by staff.
am proud,no matter what other people think.

mum was drunk when we dropped the dinner off,but she stood there nibbling away at it saying how gorgeous it was and 'amazin grace' over and over,think she liked it. ;)

Friday, 25 July 2014

the challenges of severe autism;needing behavior friendly furniture

have been after a brand of furniture for years;called 'tough furniture',they make furniture for people with severe challenging behavior.
we had a corner cabinet made by them in the lounge of the last residential home but was told it was to expensive for a resident to buy for their own room,have always been unable to have tv/games consoles in bedroom because had smashed every one had had.

am unable to have a normal bedroom and because of behaviors live in whats called a low stimulous clinical setting.

thanks to being in a supported living care home rather than residential care am now able to afford tough furniture through back pay or saving,but yesterday thanks to a certain area manager from bolton who knew am waiting to buy a TF wall mounting or floor standing TV and games console cabinet with back pay, put a call out internaly in the support company and found out the company has got a number of mint condition TF cabinets stored away at their HQ.
so we went along today to check it out and imediately bought it,it only costed ten pounds when even second hand/slightly used it woud cost hundreds in a external/mainstream arrangement,am very very greatful.

heres some photos of the cabinet [its upside down by the way], the black tray at the top pulls out and stores things,the tv and xbox three sixty will go in there [once have managed to source a damn power brick plug,got another HDMI cable and got a game pad for it]

with doors shut;

with doors open;

moving onto next phase,a behavior friendly chair.
had had a small sofa put in bedroom when moved in but ended up trashing it along with everything else so it was all removed,a single seat of some unbreakable kind woud be better,its ridiculous that these special needs companies charge so much to buy stuff,taking advantage of the most vulnerable.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

attended a cinema for the first time

and it went amazingly well actualy.
yesterday/tuesday afternoon,went to an odeon cinema to watch how to train your dragon 2 with two support staff.
have never been to the cinema before,but had got a CEA card- https://www.ceacard.co.uk/
before going which allowed support staff to go in for free,however as common with most companies; it seems they only recognise disabled people who have one support staff and not two, as only one was able to get in for free and had to pay for them which isnt fair because they are there to support self not there to specificaly watch a film.

had had a lot of haliperidol before the film so was able to cope with the cinema.
they showed lots of good trailers and woud recommend to everyone to watch out for 'paddington' which is out at christmas aparently, it looks amazing,its about padington bear but has slightly rude bits in it to so it isnt just for children.

the film itself was awesome,one of the staff went to sleep and snored through half of it,her face looked like one of those persian cats-and the other staff cried through it all plus we both laughed at the other staffs sleeping face.

am a huge HTTYD fan;have got the first film and the TV series;riders of berk on dvd and have got toys to,and a computer game,am specialy a fan of toothless because he is very cat like,and have also got a A2 size poster of toothless and hiccup.
heres one of the toys of mine;

looking forward to many more trips to the cinema.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

the challenges of severe autism;low mental capacity with rigid thinking

today/monday,self and two support staff were out food shopping in asda,before we left for asda had taken two haliperidol anti pyschotic pills as normal which always do before going anywhere to lessen severe challenging behavior and its causes.
we got in asda and had planned to buy a few things,including a pack of four ice creams and sweet corn as treats for the children [AKA binky and mabel].

for some reason there is a specific lump sum of money for spends each day with three pound of that for activity money but it has always been spent on anything because am not able to do activities every day, recently we got a new house manager who does everything by the word-which means changing a routine of mine that has always been there because she was on shift as support staff today with a regular support staff of mine,and as often happens staff always act mega strict when around managers.

was in the ice cream isle when was told that had got to the maximum money and had to have three pound left over for an activity that didnt exist,so to get ice cream was going to have to take away somethings from the basket-these were all items that were on a visual list in mind and was impossible to wipe and become unfocussed on-its impossible to remove or swap any.

they started removing goods and had felt very very bad because of it, started hitting out, punching everything as well as head banging and was trying to stop them from taking the stuff out the basket;was sat in the wheel chair thankfuly so did not end up throwing self to the floor and head butting it like old times but ended up kicking,punching and biting support staff who were invading the basket,and then threw something from the basket on the floor in frustration.
am very sorry if had hurt them,and will always feel guilt for any actions towards others but their attitude towards self really hurt,they dont truly understand this aspect of self,and assumed was being challenging for the hell of it.
they said they were going to take em/self back to the car without any shopping so quickly put the breaks on the wheel chair and got really frustrated so more behavior came out,ended up having another two pills of haliperidol.

the thinking is,its a visualy planned mental list,and removing any of it makes no sense to self plus its very distressing to cope with.
they usualy calculate as we go along so we dont get this problem but they made a guess at it this time.
wish people were more open minded instead of using threats.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

pulled into the twenty first century for AAC and autism apps

am not having to relie on laminated PECS and limited makaton anymore for AAC or timelines, recently/a few weeks ago had bought a asus memo hd...something tablet which has android running on it,its been bought purely for aac and autism apps but have added a few games to aid as distraction when having to wait for anything-which is a major cause of anxiety and severe challenging behavior for self.

these are the best free apps have come across so far;

this is a photo of tomorows timeline which am able to put together with staff support,they can also make the timelines from the office pc and am able to sync the tablet via the laptops mobile data connection.
its extremely useful and better than carrying around a clumsy laminated board with PECS that easily fall off.

its the best android AAC app have got,its easy to use and although it hasnt become a part of daily use as am still getting used to using high tech AAC again, its a favourite and hope it to become a regular part of communication.

if anyone knows of any decent free AAC programs for android,please post.